Hi Roman,

I'm not familar with Thomas Campbell's work, so I can't comment on that.

Just answering in terms of my understanding of Virtual Reality in the context the popular Simulation Hypothesis, that we and/or our entire universe is a simulation in some higher level universe or multiverse. (I really just view this as the modern version of "thoughts in the mind of god".)

In that case, it doesn't necessarily solve the actual problem of reality, but simply just pushes it one (meta-)level up into whatever universe is simulating us.

Assume this specific context of Simulation Hypothesis, it appears we're emergent consciousness "relative to" and arising out of the physics in that higher universe, which "itself" can then be subject to any of those classifications.

I suppose there could be a feedback loop if we could somehow affect the hgher level universe that's doing the simulating, in particular whatever servers are running our simulation.

Question is whether we are equally "real" evven though we're a simulation. I would say yes. And shutting us off would be indistinguishable to murder. It's why I thought killing or shutting off the intelligent and self-aware characters in Star Trek's Holodeck was similar to murder.

I suppose another twist is whether they indeed are conscious with an internal subjective experience of qualia, but that's another debate altogether.


AI/full-stack software engineer | trader/investor/entrepreneur | physics phd

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Kevin Ann

Kevin Ann

AI/full-stack software engineer | trader/investor/entrepreneur | physics phd