Chinese Ethno-Nationalism and Implications for Americans of Chinese Descent

Nationalism and ethno-nationalism in the real clash of civilizations

  • We’re in a period of changing world order where China will take leadership from the United States in a new world order such as espoused by the British journalist Martin Jacques in his book When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order

Chinese Citizens in China

China Has Been Weak Until Now

“Observe calmly, secure our position, cope with affairs calmly, hide our capacities and bide our time, be good at maintaining a low profile, and never claim leadership.”

— Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s

This phrase from Deng Xiaoping implied and publicized attitudes about never claiming leadership served China well as it reformed and opened up to trade in the 1980s leading to the economic miracle that we witness today.

Growing Up In a Strong China

There may be some implications of the kids now growing up only knowing a strong China.

Chinese Communist Party Priorities

There is hope though if we further contextualize an enhanced racial consciousness and ethno-nationalism with respect to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese-Americans in America

Personal Orientation

As a Chinese-American myself who doesn’t strongly identify with Chinese culture and certainly not a fan of Communism, I’m greatly interested in the historical and civilizational of China, especially as China rises in prominence. It’s with this new consciousness and enthusiasm that I would like to speculate on the future of Asian-Americans in America.

Views From Across The Political Spectrum

As more Americans lose their jobs in the coming years due to offshoring or creeping and pervasive automation of unskilled, semi-skilled, and even skilled labor that makes entire occupations and industries evaporate forever, there will be heightened emotional responses at the individual level and even activism that’ll predictably looking for scapegoats that may stand in the way of “equality.”

The Left and Chinese-Americans

The Left will start to pay more attention to Chinese-Americans (and similar-looking such as Korean-Americans) because they will tend to be more successful with higher educations and incomes than the average American. Chinese-Americans in particular and Asian-Americans in general (South Asian and/or Indian depending on the expansiveness of the term “Asian”) are the bewildering exceptions to the narrative that America is a terrible racist place that subjugates and oppresses as the far Left alleges.

The Right and Chinese-Americans

The Right will celebrate the success of Asian-Americans and Chinese-Americans and tout them as proof of the superiority of conservative ideas of meritocracy and America’s fairness and implied greatness. For this, they should be commended.

I Hope I Am Wrong

I sincerely hope that my interpretation and forecast of how I and others who look like me by those across the political spectrum turns out to be wrong, despite much of the evidence I see that originally spurred the views.

AI/full-stack software engineer | trader/investor/entrepreneur | physics phd

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