Preliminary ideas and formulation of trading strategy

This post will serve to articulate and refine my beliefs and principles in momentum trading (buy strong performers high and sell higher), comparing and contrasting it with other types of trading strategy I’ve researched or tried out.

I’m writing this to help retain what I learned from my reading (and subsequent re-reading) of both books by Mark Minervini, who was featured in Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards:

  • Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard (published April 11, 2013)
  • Think and Trade Like a Champion (published January 1, 2017)

I’ve read many dozens of books on trading, and these were noticeably good, and…

Risks of life-changing injuries are always present

It’s been 6 weeks since I learned how to ride a self-balancing electric unicycle (EUC). It’s a King Song 16X that can reach 31 miles per hour and weighs 53 pounds. Luckily, I have not fallen at during those 6 weeks until the present, as I just rounded out my first 450 miles of riding.

King Song 16X with a 2,200 Watt motor, 1554 Watt-hour battery, fitted with side/power pads that can reach 31 miles per hour

I’ve been going relatively slow at around 10 mph, but have been emboldened to go faster as I build up experience and time riding. At first I only wore minimal protective gear involving a half-shell helmet and wrist guards, since it was such as hassle…

OneWheel+ XR and the King Song 16S

It Started with the OneWheel…

After putting in 113 miles on my OneWheel, I was hooked!

The OneWheel is a self-balancing electric skateboard with a single wheel, as the name implies. It’s definitely one of the coolest and most fun things I’ve ever tried, and feels exactly like snowboarding. But now I can “snowboard” without wearing winter gear like a winter jacket, multiple layers, and goggles, ride on concrete in the sidewalks and streets of New York City, and can even “snowboard” on flat ground and even “up” hill.

Let’s not even mention waking up early and feeling like a zombie (I’m an extreme night…

Observations on ramping up and achieving Flow

Just had an awesome “Flow” experience on the OneWheel after a 13-mile session rounding out the first week and 44 miles on it. Finally got the correct body mechanics down and was able to put that 13 miles on the OneWheel with minimal breaks, with the final miles feeling effortless.

I felt despair on previous days when I could barely get around one NYC block because the pain and cramping on my rear foot was so quick to come and so intense. This was terrible and depressing, especially after putting in 11 miles the very first day with no problem…

I’ve found a cool life hacking idea. After a few days, it seems like it’s possible to sustain the vegan meal replacements: Vanilla Huel and Chocolate Soylent.

The nutrition is awesome and I REALLY can’t believe I’m actually consuming vegan. I’m craving a huge T-bone steak, double Whopper, and Buffalo wings even just thinking of “vegan” food.

My focus also is the time and money savings. Each 400-calorie “meal” takes about 1 minute to make by just pouring water and adding powder into a mixer bottle and shaking, and it’s dirt cheap:
- $1.78 for Huel
- $1.50 for Soylent

Every moment in life is special, not just some

As we’re closing out the final days of the year, many are celebrating Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day, and a few other assorted holidays. Personally, I also have a birthday in there too.

Some love this time of year since it means time to be with friends and family and take time off of work to recharge. However, others may feel overwhelmed or even depressed around this time where there’s so many clustered holidays and days of significance, since they may believe that they ought to feel, think, or act in specific ways that they don’t like.

True justice must account for the broader context

Today I was very happy to hear the news that President Trump announced full pardons for American service members who are in criminal prosecutions and serving sentences for war crimes.

  • Full pardon for Army 1st Lieutenant Clint Lorance
    Mr. Lorance has already served more than six years out a 19-year sentence for ordering firing on 3 Afghans he suspected of posing a threat to the men under his command.
  • Full pardon for former Green Beret Army Major Mathew Golsteyn
    Mr. …

Envy is lack of perspective, so broadening perspective can eliminate or mitigate Envy

The emotion of Envy permeates all aspects of society ranging from personal interactions to hierarchical organizations to political ideology and Parties in modern nation-states.

Envy is distinct from Greed even though they may be used interchangeably. More precisely:

  • Envy is wanting something that someone else has, and is driven by relative comparison
  • Greed is wanting more of something without any limitation and works on an absolute scale that does not reference others
  • Jealousy is closely related to Envy and Greed and is fear of losing what you already have

A deeper dive into the distinction between these three for decision-making…

We’re all hurtling towards the abyss

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Time is ticking down.

3 seconds went by. 3 seconds that you’ll never get back. We only have a limited number of them left. About a billion seconds, give or take.

More precisely, 1 billion seconds is 31.7 years. Those lucky among us will have a bit more time left, and those less lucky will have a bit less. But one thing that everyone shares is that they have only a limited number of seconds left, and it’s not so different.

It truly is terrifying to me what happens when my life ends. Sometimes I unintentionally think…

Context and scale may be more important than the position itself

When witnessing the extreme emotion on Social Media about a variety of strongly polarized political issues in America, we may feel the need to take a specific side. This could be pro-Trump or anti-Trump, pro-Democrat or pro-Republican, and so on.

Just like anyone, I have strongly-held political beliefs. However, I tend to agree with about half of the issues on either side of the political spectrum.

It wasn’t always this way. When I was younger, I used to be Liberal and even voted Democrat. As I got older, gained life experience, became more educated in finance and economics, and had…

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AI/full-stack software engineer | trader/investor/entrepreneur | physics phd

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